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We pride ourselves in providing innovative superior quality software. Here is some of the passionate feedback we received about this product:

Name: Jim Kucharik
Company: Victaulic Company of America 

"Your product has won the hearts of our programmers, not an easy thing to do!"

Todd Jordan
Company: Fiserv

I am completely addicted to your product!  I work in some monster programs and it really does save quite a bit of time, especially in the older code where people only use the END op code instead of the ENDxx op code.  Thank you very much!  Our shop develops a full banking software package for sale, as such, our customers are banks.  As I work with some of them that have their own programming staff I always recommend that they go to your web site and check out RPG-Alive!"

Name: Eric Krajci (#1)
Company: Purolator Products Company

"This is a utility that rocks! Great for looking at other people's code and making sense of it in a fraction of the time it used to take. Best money spent on any utility. Thanks. Eric."

Name: Krish Thirumalai
Manhattan Associates
"Excellent product. We have a lot of people in our organization that use and love this product. The built-in help for opcodes and BIF's is really cool! Our programmers no longer need to search for their RPG manuals to look up these opcodes."

Name: Bill Roehmer
Company: CD-Hartnett Company

"I tried to not like this product but found I couldn't do without it after only a few days of use. When you have to review other programmer
s code, it adds a level of readability to those programs almost instantly. I, personally, can't do without it."

Name: Brian Edmond
Company: Bass Pro Shops, Inc.

"You have a great product... Thanks for a great product!"

Name: Steve Lazarski
Company: HTE Inc.

"This is a great product. I can't work without an indented source listing and now I don't have to print a member before working on it. EVERY fellow programmer I show it to wants an eval copy. I also got a kick out of asking them how much it cost. Average guess is in the range from $5,000 to $12,000."

Company: www.400times.com
"We tested this product and found it eye-opening and useful... RPG-Alive is the best highlighter combined with an editor I have seen."

Name: Eric Krajci (#2)
Company: Purolator Products Company

"The only thing that upsets me about this program is that I did not have it when I first started using RPG-IV. I just upgraded from 2.4.7 to 2.6.2 and holy cow does RPG-Alive rock even more than it did before."

Name: Chuck Wakelee
Company: Cardone Industries

"We tested the product and we loved it!"

Name: Brian Johnson
Company: Help/Systems, Inc.

am very happy with RPG-Alive.  It's a terrific productivity booster for good-old SEU!"

Name: David Lex
Jones Apparel Group
I want to say that I love this product and I find it extremely useful. Most of the senior programmers liked it a lot also (a near miracle), testified by the fact that our company purchased your product."

Alan Houston
Amscan, Inc.
Once more, thank you for your response. I have used your product for quite some time and have found it to be an invaluable aid to programming in RPG on the AS/400. Should my present company decide not to purchase your product, I will purchase it myself! It would be well worth the price to me to have this utility available as it adds immeasurably to my productivity."

Name: Vicki Jensen
Company: International Business Systems

"I think your product is VERY useful!

Name: David Tiefenbrunn
Company: Owner Operators Independent Drivers Inc.
"This is the best product I have ever used on the AS400!!"

Name: Richard Gideon
Company: PT MLC Life Indonesia
"I'm sure that this product is very useful for all AS/400 Programmers. I feel very lucky to work for a company who was willing to approve in buying this fantastic tool!!"

Name: Bob Cozzi
(author of The Modern RPG IV Language)
"RPG-Alive is the most useful add-on to SEU I have ever seen!"

Name: David Morris
Company: Euronet USA
"The RPG Alive product is wonderful. All of our developers swear by it, because it has saved countless hours of development time by showing the IF/ELSE/END structures dynamically without having to compile the program. It allows us to get it right the first time. Thanks for a product that works exactly as advertised."

Name: Chuck Ackerman
Company: Emergency Road Service
"I just love the product!"

Name: Svein Ostbye
Company: Leaseplan
"We are very happy with your amazing RPG-Alive product."

Name: Randy Pye
Company: Brunswick Boat Group
"Let me start with I LOVE RPGALIVE..."

Name: Chris Hoyle
Company: Gate Pertroleum
"This has got to be the most incredible tech support experience I have ever had; thanks very much, we are all quite impressed."

Name: Gary Lyter
Company: Coresource
"I just love this product. Can’t do without it!"

Name: Jim Moffat
Company: Cothern Computer Systems, Inc.

"This is a really neat product!"

Name: Sharon Duckwall
Company: MPD, Inc.
"I don't know how I ever got my work done without your program!"

Name: Jim Bush
Company: Clark Steel Framing Systems
"RPG-Alive is a very cool product. I wish I had come across it years ago."

Name: B.F. Jurangpathy
Company: Standard Chartered Bank
"Thank for this super product, this has helped me alot especially in the ENDIF ENDDO END... etc. Being a bank software developer, this has been a tremendous help for me. Thanks again, keep up with your good work, looking for more from you."

Name: Wayne Moore
Company: Integrated Computer Solutions Limited
"Fantastic product. Effortless installation and use. We just cannot live without it!"

Name: Celeste Burrell
Company: Toastmaster Inc.

"I was spoiled by having RPG-Alive at previous employment and was thrilled to see this company try the demo version, give positive feedback and approve the purchase of RPG-Alive for the system here! Your software makes programming so much easier. All I can say is thank you for creating such a wonderful product!"

Name: Suan Elvekjaer
Company: Entra Financial Software A/S

"Your product is FANTASTIC!!!! When I downloaded the demo-version some of my collegues were negative and said that they didn't need it, but already after the first day we were all addicted. I don't know how we have managed without it so far!!!!"

Name: Glenn Elliott
Company: GDX Automotive

"Your software is awesome. If someone were to sit down and figure out a great software program to accent code generation on a 400, this would be it. Everything from source code indentation to promptable key words. What a time saver! Thank-you for saving me some time!"

Name: Craig Steiner
Company: Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

"I have had positive feedback from all of our programming staff about your product. The indenting feature alone will be a major help to us. Thanks!"

Stuart Rowe
Company: Help/Systems, Inc.

"Installation went flawlessly, it started working without asking any questions, no lengthy setup, keep it up you're doing a great job. I have my manager poised over the checkbook with pen in hand as I type this."

Name: Manfred Fleiss
Company: AS Software GmbH

"RPG ALIVE is great and very useful!"

Name: Gabriel Palomero
Company: Grupo Estampaciones Sabadell, s.l.

"It's wonderful! I've recommended it to all AS/400 programmers I know! Thanks for
a great tool!"

Name: James Berkshire
Company: Advantage Marketing Systems, Inc.

"RPG Alive is a killer tool... I love the connected 'nests'!"

Name: Mohammed Ahmed
Company: Diners Club South Africa

"This product is a great timesaver. Time is money and RPGALIVE is really good value for the money!"

Name: Pete A. Akers
Company: Gate Petroleum Company

"Thanks guys!  This is the simplest to use, most useful tool I have seen in a long time ...  It's the greatest low cost program I have seen in the last 10 years of working in IT ... Keep up the great work. Keep it simple and useful."

Name: Kevin Bucknum
Company: LCR-M Corporation

"Great product.  Does what it claims to do with no fuss.  Makes following program flow on a program that you only look at once a year a breeze.  Had one minor tech support issue, and it was handled within an hour via email.  Can't rave enough about this product

Name: Rick Klopfer
Company: Dayton Progress Corporation

"Your product is the best! It saves me personally enough time to easily pay for itself. How I ever got by without it is a mystery to me. Would sincerely recommend it to any RPG developer that wants to improve productivity..."

Name: Vincent Oney
Company: General Electric Aircraft Engines

"This is so cool. Nice and easy to read the source code. This should save money to any company who develops in RPG or CL."

Name: Lorrie Plassenthal
Company: Good Samaritan Hospital

"I really like the utility!!! It makes life much easier having the ifs matched up for you automatically instead of printing out the program and drawing with highlighters ... although ... that method does let me color and get paid for it! Awesome product! I am looking forward to further updates to it!"

Name: Gerald Vyakulasamy
Company: Covansys
"This is excellent and makes my coding easier!"

Name: Eric Krajci (#3)
Monro Muffler Brake & Service Inc.
"Well here I am at another company that has come alive to how great your product is. If my three different testimonials aren’t enough, then you must be asleep. Try banging your head against the wall. If you like the feeling, then you don't need this, otherwise buy it now and have the pressure go
away. :-) Life is to too short."

Name: Sunil Kurupassery
Company: Innovative Computing Corp

"Excellent product. After we bought this product, understanding the nested loops in RPG has become very easy. Everyone in my company likes it. Let me know if you have anything new or upgrades etc. Thanks Again!"

Name: Michael L. Newman
Company: CAPRO, INC.
"I've been using RPG since 1969 from RPG, RPGII, RPGIII and RPGIV to current and this is such a great tool! We don't have to take the old compile and paste all of the pages together and use markers to indicate the nested procedures for IFs and Ends; not that anybody ever had to do that stuff on a "huemongus" program. Really neat to just view it on the screen as you program. It works well on the RPGIII, ILE and CL programs as well. GREAT TOOL! "

Name: Susan Fournier
Company: ITT FLYGT
"AS/400 programmers here at Flygt Canada would not work without the little RPG-Alive wonder."

Name: Scott Kruse
Company: Alcas Corporation
"I just want you to know, we programmers here just love your product !!"

Name: L Keith Smith
Company: Payroll Complete Services Inc
"It's a great product. I have used it for debugging old programs. I couldn't be without it now!"

Name: Fred Simms
Company: Daffron & Associates
"Everyone here loves this program. When we have to get on-line with one of our clients, we really miss having the source outlined. Thank you very much for such a great product."

Name: Alan Fernandez
Company: BPD
"Your Product is very useful and well thought out... You are the best.. Thank you for thinking of us.... "

Name: Mahavishnu
Company: Sun Insurance Co ltd- Mauritius
"Your Product is FANTASTIC!"

Name: Jim Bush
Company: Misa Metals, Inc.
"At a previous job, one of the new hires asked me if we could purchase this product. I was skeptical of its value, but grudgingly downloaded the 30-day free trial.
It didn't take long for me to depend on RPG Alive--a matter of days at most.
When I started working at my current jobs, I suggested purchasing it. My suggestion was met with a little skepticism at first, but that vanished when everyone saw how useful it was. It is a real time saver!
I will gladly go on record as a reference for this product. I only wish it had been invented 15 years ago."



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