Return on Investment  

RPG-Alive dramatically increases the productivity of AS/400 programmers. If you are a programmer and have installed the RPG-Alive trial, you are probably already convinced! Need a little help convincing management? In the following return on investment chart, we have converted productivity gains to dollar savings. To see the potential savings for your organization, adjust the values below accordingly.

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Programming Tasks Percentage of Time
With RPG-Alive,
programmer can do the task
Analyzing existing source code
times faster
Changing source code
times faster
Writing new source code
times faster
Other Tasks
  Total: 100%

Note: Text boxes with a blue
background are calculated fields.

Number of AS/400 programmers
at your organization
<== Adjust as necessary
Approximate average cost of 1 hour of
programmer's time (salary, benefits, etc.)
<== Adjust as necessary
Number of hours programmer works per week
Savings per programmer per week
Total savings per week
Total savings per month
Total savings per year



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