Maintenance Policy  


When you purchase a software license for RPG-Alive, the first 90 days of maintenance services are included. Maintenance services include upgrades, technical support, and software authorization changes.

When maintenance services are about to expire, we will notify you and provide the opportunity to renew them at the annual maintenance rate. Renewal is not mandatory.

Maintenance services may also be prepaid at the time when the software license is purchased. If maintenance services are prepaid, they will be in effect for 1 year and 90 days after the software license order.


Profound Logic Software, Inc. will from time to time update the RPG-Alive software to make it compatible with the newest improvements of the RPG language, to correct defects, or to add various enhancements. A license covered under maintenance services is entitled to all such upgrades at no additional charge.

Technical Support

While an RPG-Alive software license is covered under maintenance services, Profound Logic Software, Inc. will provide technical support in order to assist in the implementation of RPG-Alive. We will try to troubleshoot and resolve your problem as quickly as possible. All technical support inquiries will be answered within 1 business day.

Software Authorization Changes

When you purchase a software license for RPG-Alive, you will receive a registration executable program and authorization instructions, which will permanently enable the RPG-Alive software to run on the licensed AS/400 or iSeries Server. To transfer the license to a new AS/400 or iSeries Server, you will need to receive new authorization instructions from us. While the license is covered under maintenance services, we will provide such new authorization instructions at no additional charge if you stay within the same processor group, or we will charge the difference for a higher processor group. If the software license is not covered under maintenance, you will be required to purchase a new license at list price.

Additional Users or New PC's

A registration executable program and the appropriate authorization instructions will be required when installing RPG-Alive on a new PC. If the registration executable program has been misplaced, it can be obtained through the RPG-Alive website provided that the customer is on an active maintenance agreement.



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