RPG Alive


RPG Alive will try to find the closest alphabetical match for the operation
, built-in function, or keyword that you try to auto-complete.
   For example, type 'ch' and press Ctrl-Space. RPG Alive will complete the word Chain for you.
   Or type 'z' and press Ctrl-Space. RPG Alive will complete the word Z-Add for you. Then type '*z' and press Ctrl-Space another time. RPG Alive will fill in *Zeros.

Certain operations have special shortcut abbreviations assigned to them. You may look them up or modify them by pressing Ctrl-F1 and selecting Change Operation Settings.
   For example, the operations Move and MoveL are very close alphabetically. You would have to type out 'MoveL' every time you wanted to use it. Or you could take advantage of the special shortcut 'ML'.
   Similarly, use 'CB' for CallB.
   'CP' for CallP
   'CR' for CheckR
   'ED' for EndDo
   'EI' for EndIf
   'MA' for MoveA
   'RC' for ReadC
   'RE' for ReadE
   'RP' for ReadP
   'RPE' for ReadPE
   'SG' for SetGT
   'SL' for SetLL
   'TB' for TestB
   'TN' for TestN
   'TZ' for TestZ

In addition to auto-completing RPG operations
, built-in functions, and special keywords, RPG Alive has the ability to learn and auto-complete the names of procedures and subroutines. These names are learned from BegSr statements, procedure prototypes, and begin procedure lines.
   Suppose you have a subroutine named MainSub in your program. Simply type 'ExSr   Ma' and press Ctrl-Space. RPG Alive will fill in the subroutine name for you.

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