Common Problems and Solutions  

  • I am running a 5250 display session.
  • I am using SEU to browse or edit source code.
  • None of the statements in my source code are outlined. What is the problem?

  • RPG-Alive erases the contents of my source code. I have to press F5 (or some other function key) to get the information to come back.
  • RPG-Alive works best with default color mapping. You may use most other colors; however, certain colors are reserved for use by RPG-Alive. If you are using Client Access, please do not use the brightest color in a spectrum in your color settings. Instead, use the next brightest color. For example, if you are using the brightest green for your text, please select the next brightest green. Visually, the difference will be minimal, but RPG-Alive will be compatible with this color selection.

  • My iSeries (AS/400) language is not English. RPG-Alive is not working.
  • You will need to update RPG-Alive for your language. Click here.

  • I get a File Not Found Error Message.
  • RPG-Alive makes use of the HLLAPI DLL provided with your emulation software. RPG-Alive first looks in your Autoexec.bat PATH folders to locate the required DLL. If this attempt fails, it tries to look for the DLL in the default emulation folder.

    Emulation HLLAPI DLL File Name Default Folder
    Client Access PCSHLL32.DLL C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\
    NetManage RUMBA ehlapi32.dll C:\Program Files\WallData\SYSTEM\
    WRQ Reflection HLLAPI32.DLL C:\Program Files\Reflection\
    Synapse IP Client Whllapi.dll C:\IPCLIENT\
    BOSaNOVA Bshll32.dll C:\Program Files\BOS\BOSaNOVA TCP-IP\

    A 'File Not Found' Error Message is generated if neither attempt successfully locates the needed DLL.

    If your HLLAPI DLL file is not in the default folder as shown above, you should find the appropriate file on your PC, and then enter the File's Folder Path when asked for it by RPG-Alive.

Problems not mentioned in this list can be resolved through tech support.

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